We specialize in:

Automotive wires, power, control and building cables

Green is your all-in-one
cable solution partner!

We are reliable, built on trust and efficiency, We respect the environment and follow strict production standards, as certified by our ISOs.

Key Features

How do we offer the best all-round cable solutions on the market?

Great customer satisfaction

We are proud to be able to maintain a tradition of exceeding our customers expectations.


By committing to business perpetuity and a constant updating of the company know-how.

Commitment to excellence

Green exerts great efforts in the development of new products and upgrading production pipeline.

In-house manufacturing

Integrated manufacturing system provides a flexible production schedule and short delivery times.

Rigorous quality control

In-house strict procedures and high quality lab tests ensure our reliability, letting you focus on your business.

International Certificate

Our quality and strive for perfection is backed up by certificate that ensure our customers get only the best service.

Quality Control

Laser Diameter Test

High precision, reliable laser diameter test performed to guarantee dimensions through all the product components.

Dielectric Withstand Test

Electrical test performed on a component or product to determine the effectiveness of its insulation and usage safety.

Convection & Ventilation Oven

Multiple temperature cell oven test for a precision aging of rubbers and plastics under controlled conditions.